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Cobalt Sputtering Target disc

Cobalt Sputtering Target disc

1.Zirconium plate Standards: ASTM B551, R60700, R60702, R60704, R60705, R60706, Zr2, Zr4, AMS, MIL, JIS, R60001, R60802, R60804, R60901, R60904

2.Size : Thick 0.02mm Min * Wide 1200mm Max * Length 3000mm max Element composition(%) For commercial Application (Hf ≤4.5%): UNS R60700 (Zr1): Commercially...

Product Details

Thin film coating materials 99.95% Cobalt/Co sputtering target

Cobalt is one of the most widely recognized metals in the world. It has a density of 8.89 g/cc, a melting point of 1,495°C, and a boiling point of 2,870°C. It is a lustrous, hard metal that is gray in appearance and characteristically ferromagnetic. One of its most popular uses is as a blue pigment found in paint, jewelry, and glass. It is often alloyed with other metals to make engine parts and cutting tools. Its two main vacuum applications are as a ferromagnetic layer in the production of magnetic storage media and as a transitional layer in battery fabrication.

Product Name

Cobalt (Co)sputtering target

Available Purity(%)



Rectangle, Round, Rotary


as your request

Melting point(℃)




Boiling point(℃)



Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process and machine work


Semiconductors, Micro-electronics and Magnetic Data Storage etc.


Thanks to the special forming processes we use, Sputtering targets’ actual density almost reach 100 %. Our customers benefit from a faster process due to higher sputtering speeds. our production processes for Cobalt sputtering target are:


The Cobalt sputtering targets we produced are high purity, it's most important benefits are that your films possess an outstanding level of electrical conductivity and minimized particle formation during the PVD process. Below form is a typically Certificate of analysis for 3N5 high purity Cobalt sputtering target.

Analytical Methods
1. Metallic elements were analyzed using GDMS.
2. Gas elements were analyzed using LECO. 

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Eastsun Titanium is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Cobalt Sputtering Target disc. Our company has a professional factory from which you can wholesale Cobalt Sputtering Target disc products.
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