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The Advantage of Titanium
Nov 19, 2016

- Superior corrosion resistance: Excellent resistance to acid-base superior to stainless steel, like platinum in sea water.

High strength: Titanium is twice as strong as Fe per weight.

Light weight: Titanium is about half as heavy as copper and about 60% of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Low temperature tenacity: Keep toughness at low temperature environment,resistance to metal fatigue.

Extremely low magnetism: Permeability only 1,00005

Non-toxicity: not easy ion separation, safe and friendly to the human body.

Low coefficient of thermal conductivity: Conductivity(17 W/m℃)only 8% of Aluminum.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion: Thermal expansion rate(8.4×10-6/℃) 50% of stainless steel, not easy deformation by heat.

Anodic treatment: Can be colorful through anodize process.


Basic Physical Properties of Titanium(compared to other materials)

Melting point(℃)1668660108315301420
Specific gravity4.512.708.907.868.03
Young's modulus(MPa)10.85×1037.05×10310.99×10319.60×10320.32×103
Electric conductivity(% ratio to copper)3.164100182.4
Thermal conductivity(Cal/cm2/Sec/cm)0.0410.4870.9200.1450.039
Linear expansion coefficient(/℃)8.4×10-623.0×10-617.0×10-616.5×10-616.8×10-6