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Titanium are widely used in Automobile
Nov 19, 2016

Ti-6Al-4V alloy are widely used in automobile, and they are mainly applies in connecting rods, fasteners and frames. Here are some examples of titanium applications to present mass-production cars.

Wide Range of Various Titanium Automotive Components Possible

-Outside of Engine: Springs, Body Components, Brake Rotors, Bumper Supports, Muffler, Drive Shafts, Etc.

-Engine: Turbo Charger Compressor Wheels,Turbine Wheel, Intake and Exhaust Valves, Connecting Rods, Piston Crown and Pin, Push Rods, Rocker Arms and Shaft, Camshaft, Valve Spring, Retainer and Rotater


* In the engine system: titanium alloy can be produced spark plugs, valves, valve spring, valve spring 

seat and connecting rod and other components

Valve is another popular application of titanium alloy objects. Because of the high operating 

temperature of the valve (especially the exhaust valve), about 900 ℃, the use of conventional 

Ti-6Al-4V alloy and TiB2 / TiC enhanced titanium alloy can not meet the oxidation resistance and 

creep resistance Requirements. Titanium alloy has a high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, 

has been used to prepare racing valve, high temperature, titanium high strength, light weight;

In the chassis components: mainly titanium springs, shock absorbers;

As the elastic limit (σe) of titanium alloy and elastic modulus (E) is low, its elastic strain σ2e / 2E is 

very high, is more than 10 times of steel spring, therefore, the use of titanium alloy spring will significantly 

improve ride comfort;

Exhaust system: turbocharger, exhaust pipe

Titanium alloy welding performance, unlike stainless steel as easy to crack from the weld, therefore,

 titanium exhaust valve service life is longer, for 12 years to 14 years, while the stainless steel is generally 

less than 7 years have to replace the titanium Metallic materials are lighter than stainless steel.

* Titanium metal lubricants

Titanium metal into a special syrup, at a certain temperature and high pressure to be decomposed 

into more than 200,000 times the electron microscope to see the titanium atoms, and then the decomposition 

of titanium atoms as additives to the lubricating oil , Thus the formation of liquid titanium metal lubricants, 

commonly known as titanium oil.

Titanium oil is the first US military technology to civilian vehicles. Compared with ordinary lubricants,

 titanium metal lubricants have three major characteristics:

(A) able to withstand higher loads

As titanium metal corrosion resistance, when exposed to high temperature air, will produce a layer of

 blunt oxide protective film, so when the engine in high pressure, high-speed running state, Titanium

lubricants can automatically track the pressure point, the formation of protective film , Reduce engine 

wear, better protection of the engine.

(B) the role of self-repair

Titanium as a liquid metal into the engine, not only can improve the engine's antioxidant, but also 

self-repair function. Titanium engine oil in the engine friction to form a layer of the most frequent 

protective film, which like the engine wear points to add a wear-resisting shield, because it is the 

molecular level of engine protection, which can make the engine run more long-term.

(C) improve the car cooling

Titanium lubricant has a very strong cooling effect.

Currently on the market as long as two brands of products using metal additives, their protection 

features are as follows:

Kendall plus the principle of titanium oil:

Titanium atoms as additives to the lubricating oil, in the conditions of high temperature and high 

pressure, titanium metal synthesis of solid solution, the formation of protective shell.

Kendall plus the function of titanium oil:

Ordinary oil through the oil pump to the lubrication of the internal parts of the engine to form the 

protection of the oil film, but the engine cylinder high temperature and pressure in the working 

environment, the oil film is easy to form damage, oil film after the loss of lubrication protection 

performance will be greatly reduced, Kendall Of titanium metal lubricating oil more than a layer of 

titanium film protection, titanium atomic protective film can be damaged under high temperature and 

high pressure to play the role of timely repair of the film, so as to achieve a more perfect protection.

Kendall plus the effect of titanium oil:

A, improve the car power

B, reduce vehicle fuel consumption

C, to extend the engine life