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Titanium are widely used in Super Yacht
Nov 19, 2016

Titanium is an ideal material for super yachts and it is increasingly being specified by owners. the most common specified exotic materials are increasingly titanium grade 5 and titanium grade 2.

“The items most commonly specified in super yacht such as titanium are those parts which come into direct contact with sea water.

The advantage of titanium over other metals is that it has much more resistance against corrosion; standard stainless steel parts are not resistant enough for yacht. Furthermore materials like titanium impart a luxurious, modern look which is an advantage for deck equipment. There is definitely a trend to use more titanium and other exotic alloys, especially on racing yachts. However it’s generally considered to be too expensive for small pleasure craft.”

Examples of titanium products in the super yacht industry include winches, hatches, cooling systems, heat exchangers and deck equipment such as eye plates and sheet systems. The extraordinary and unique corrosion performance of titanium offer new perspectives for these applications. Titanium is so reactive that a titanium oxide skin forms spontaneously in contact with air, without the presence of water. By contrast, iron needs moisture as well as air in order to oxidize. There are titanium products that guarantee continual use of titanium in seawater for 40 

years without steps having to be taken to prevent corrosion.