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Annual Meeting Of China Titanium Association & Titanium Product Application Summit
Feb 23, 2017


Titanium industry is "China made 2025" the development of high-end equipment, one of the important new materials industry, but also "thirteen" plan strategic emerging industry development focus. In recent years, China is competing to develop titanium industry, has become the world's largest producer and consumer of titanium products. As the main engine of economic development and industrial development of the key carrier, Baoji municipal government to the titanium industry as the focus of the city to build one of the hundreds of billions of industry, firmly grasp the opportunities of industrial 4.0 transformation to large data, Internet + Innovation drive, and actively build titanium and titanium alloy new material industry cluster, enjoy the "China Titanium Valley" reputation in the development of titanium industry at home and abroad to play a leading role.

  To further promote the domestic and foreign titanium industry trade and investment and cooperation to promote the scale of titanium industry development, to create scientific research, processing, manufacturing, testing, trading, display as one of the international titanium industry research and production base by the Baoji Municipal People's Government, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Branch, Baoji High-tech Zone Management Committee, Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the "2017 China Titanium International Titanium Industry Fair" will be held April 25-17, 2017 at the Baoji Convention and Exhibition Center grand Held. The exhibition will cover military equipment, aerospace, marine ships, oil industry, medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, daily necessities and other titanium applications, and set up military and civilian integration products exhibition, international product exhibition, Northwest Institute R & D products exhibition And Alibaba - Datong online trading four characteristics of the exhibition, combined with the same period Summit Forum and project negotiations and corporate promotion and other activities, build an international exchange and cooperation platform to expand the application of titanium products to improve the quality and efficiency of the development of titanium industry to promote titanium Rapid development of industry cluster.

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