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China's Largest Domestic Aircraft Flew Today!
May 06, 2017

Comprehensive factors, domestic large passenger aircraft C919 will be May 5 in Shanghai Pudong International Airport first flight. Such as weather conditions do not have, then extended.

According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that from February 2007 the State Council approved the development of major aircraft major scientific and technological projects formal project, to November 2, 2015 C919 assembly line, and then to May 1, 2017 first flight, researchers for advanced pneumatic Layout, structural materials and airborne systems, a total of 102 key technology research, including aircraft engine integrated design, telex flight control system control law design, active control technology.

On the choice of the first flight date, China Commercial Airlines, general manager of He Dongfeng had said that when the first flight will depend on all aspects of the conditions, including weather conditions, aircraft and crew status.

C919 as the most mainstream air transport market (150 seats), in full accordance with the international mainstream airworthiness standards and international mainstream market operating standards developed by the trunk aircraft, by the domestic and international market concerns. At present, C919 large passenger aircraft with China International Airlines and other 23 domestic and foreign users, the total number of orders 570, including the United States General Electric Leasing (GECAS) and other international customers.

In fact, C919 large passenger aircraft is an iconic project of building an innovative country in China. Previously, the C919 initially set the first flight time is the end of 2014 or early 2015, after the purchase of foreign aerospace, flight control, power and other key subsystems, as well as domestic development and production of subsystems between the integrated coupling more difficult than expected , The first flight time can only be delayed. After the year 2016, the end of 2016, the beginning of 2017, the first quarter of 2017 and other first flight time, have been disclosed in the media until February 6 this year, "People's Daily" published "is expected to fly in the first half of this year ", Will the first flight time" locked ".

According to statistics, there are 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises, 36 colleges and universities, hundreds of thousands of industry personnel involved in the development of large passenger aircraft C919.

C919 radar cover the first start ceremony is December 24, 2011, in Jinan, six thirty-seven Institute of the production site held, will be installed for large aircraft, "Jinan eyes." And Jinan, China Aviation Industry Institute of the sixty-seven is also a large passenger aircraft project C919 one of the nine body suppliers, but also the province's only C919 large passenger aircraft project supporting suppliers. In addition, the national super-Jinan Center for the C919 also provides high-performance computing services.

Large aircraft titanium alloy fasteners are developed by Yantai. According to the forecast, C919 successfully entered the market, the total sales is expected to reach about 2000 times, with the C919 localization rate increase, Yantai a company can provide a value of tens of millions of matching products. "C919 stand-alone need standard pieces of 1.09 million, of which titanium alloy parts and components need about 200,000, will be all by our own research and development." This means that Yantai will be made for large domestic aircraft nearly two percent of the standard parts.