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China's Marine Strategy Development -- Titanium Is Strong
Apr 08, 2017

The 21st century is called the century of the ocean. Ocean space and resources have not only become an important field of fierce military and economic competition in the world, but also become a strategic space and a base for human beings to survive, and to develop the society and continue to live in Antarctica. In view of this, the coastal countries, especially the naval power, are in the sea power construction as the core, to enhance the control of the ocean, the maintenance of marine rights and territorial integrity of the comprehensive sea capacity and the development and utilization of marine space and vigorously develop naval equipment, Marine safety equipment and marine engineering equipment.

Marine engineering materials, the requirements must have high strength, resistance to seawater hydrothermal corrosion, anti-sulfide corrosion, anti-microbial attachment, high toughness and so on. The titanium light, high strength, corrosion resistance, especially for the brine or sea water and marine atmospheric environment erosion immunity, is a high-quality light structural materials, known as "marine metal", is an important strategic metal materials. Titanium is widely used in marine engineering and is particularly suitable for light marine equipment. It is one of the new key materials in the field of marine engineering. Therefore, the full utilization of marine materials - titanium and titanium alloys, will contribute to the national marine strategy development of.

Application of Titanium Alloy in Marine

The application on board

Titanium used in the shipbuilding industry began in the 1960s, about ten years later than titanium in the aerospace industry. The United States, Russia, Japan and China were among the first countries to apply titanium research in the field of ships.

Hull structure material

Titanium made from titanium is lighter than the previously used fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, steel and other materials, can increase the effective load weight, long service life, almost no maintenance, and easy to remove the surface attached marine life. Such as the Japanese steel company, Toho technology companies and Eto shipbuilding company built titanium fishing boats, the hull, deck and structural parts are made of titanium.

Japan's Nissan Industrial Company's "Titan Express" speedboat captain of about 12m, the hull shape is beautiful three-dimensional curve, can minimize the navigation resistance.

Ship pumps, valves, pipes and other accessories

Ships on the pump, valves and pipes, due to the working conditions are very bad, the use of copper, stainless steel pipe only 2 to 5 years of life. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, good yield strength and low density, so it can be used to make thin wall, small diameter pipe, valves and other accessories. Tubing and fittings made of titanium can not only reduce weight, but also significantly extend system life and improve reliability. Such as titanium condensing tube and B30 condensing tube compared to the density of nearly 1/2. The experience of warships using titanium pipes and equipment shows that titanium alloys are highly reliable in terms of mechanical strength and resistance to seawater corrosion. Titanium alloy pipes, valves, pumps and other accessories and other products of the corrosion life of not less than 1.2h × 105h, service period of not less than 40 years. Titanium alloy made of various pumps, valves, pipe life is much greater than copper or stainless steel products.

Power drive

The propeller and the propeller shaft made of titanium alloy can increase the propulsion speed and prolong the service life. The United States has used titanium alloy propellers on a variety of ships. Such as the United States on the use of a hydrofoil diameter of 1500mm, four-leaf detachable ultra-empty titanium alloy propeller. Titanium is also an excellent material for ship propulsion. Japan's torpedo boat "PT-10" is the use of Ti-6Al-4V alloy water jet propulsion device, to ensure the same speed, the shaft diameter from 95mm to 75mm, weight reduction of 600kg. Russian-made atomic power icebreaker power plant also uses a titanium steam engine. The use of titanium alloy can extend the engine life of more than 10 times. In addition, a large number of titanium alloy materials are used on ship engine components such as engine disks and rotor blades. The use of titanium alloy power propulsion device, but also can overcome the use of copper alloy caused by the sailing of the Earth's magnetic field lines to produce a larger induced current and is not conducive to the removal of magnetic mine defects.

China in the last century 60's carried out on the propeller research, developed in 1972 into a hydrofoil propeller, has produced a diameter of 450mm ~ 1100mm various types of titanium alloy propeller, the maximum production of 1200mm diameter, the quality of 130kg fixed titanium Alloy propeller. China's development of 25 torpedo boats selected titanium alloy instead of the original AK-27 steel and copper alloy, the weight reduced by 30% to 40%, life increased several times, without surface coating, marine life easy to clean, and maintenance Convenience.

Heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, evaporators

Heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, evaporator piping systems, valves, etc. can be made of titanium, titanium-made equipment without maintenance life of up to 100,000 hours, and will not release harmful substances, the environment Friendly, and copper-based alloys due to corrosion will release harmful copper ions to the environment. In October 2016, the national key research and development project "low cost and high corrosion resistance titanium and titanium alloy pipe and high quality titanium belt manufacturing technology development and application" started in Kunming, Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. under the subsidiary of Yunnan Titanium Co., Ltd. limited The company took the lead. The project to meet the national strategic needs to offshore oil drilling platform, desalination, large ship engineering and other major projects for the application of the background, for China's titanium and titanium alloy pipe development and application of the gap with the existing, and the need for a breakthrough Of the related manufacturing technology, through research and development to achieve engineering applications.

Acoustic devices

In the sea, whether it is light or radio waves, the attenuation is much greater than the attenuation of sound waves. Therefore, in the development and utilization of the cause of the ocean, in the ship, torpedo search, detection of water targets, people widely use sonar. In the sonar equipment, but also need a variety of different properties of acoustic materials. Among them, the ship, the torpedo of the sonar shroud and high-pressure transparent container shell with water acoustic structure material.

In general, the purpose of installing a streamlined sonar shroud outside the ship's sonar transducers is to reduce the hydrodynamic noise generated during the movement of the ship, to ensure the effective and normal operation of the underwater sound equipment, thereby increasing the distance of the sonar. The sonar shroud must have good sound transmission performance so that the underwater acoustic signal passes only a small loss and distortion. According to the underwater, the use of water demand is not the same, the current sailors in service boats sonar shroud selected shell sound information there are two, one is stainless steel, one is fiber reinforced glass steel. Russia in the past also use fiberglass, but later most of the use of titanium alloy. Titanium alloy due to sound performance, and many large foreign combat ships such as the Russian modern level, the sonar shroud made of titanium alloy, was used in Russia, "Kursk", "titanium Minsk", "Kiev" Aircraft carrier in the sonar system.