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China's Marine Strategy Development -- Titanium Is Strong (二)
Apr 15, 2017

Deepwater submersible

As a major project of the "863" program in China, the successful development of the 7,000-meter submersible by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 702 Research Institute, 8 meters long, 3.4 meters high and 3 meters wide, made of special titanium alloy material, Of the deep sea can withstand the weight of 710 tons, the use of the world's most advanced high-tech, carrier performance and operational requirements to achieve the integration of titanium alloy spherical shell is the most special and important part of the submersible, located in The top of the submersible can take the three titanium alloy manned spherical shell can carry 700 atmospheric pressure, to achieve the same life support system with space.


According to the UNESCO publications, the world's total ocean energy is 76.6 billion kW. Seawater and nuclear power plant in the condenser is an important large-scale equipment, cooling medium is seawater. Traditional use of steel and copper alloy material, but resistant to seawater corrosion is poor, short service life. In the sea water, especially the role of pollution of seawater, copper alloy condenser prone to pitting, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion and fatigue corrosion, resulting in equipment leakage, resulting in significant economic losses. Practice at home and abroad proved that the condenser of the power plant is the most appropriate titanium. The total capacity of the world power station installed about 2 × 107MW, thermal power plants and hydropower stations about 5,000, using titanium condenser about 3% to 4%, more than 380 nuclear power plants, titanium condensers account for about 30%, the EU and the United States Japan and other national power stations are commonly used titanium condenser. China's Taizhou power plant, Zhenhai power plant, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, etc. are used all-titanium condenser. Binhai power station with titanium condenser has more advantages: can be used in situ water as a cooling medium; good corrosion resistance, long life; high heat exchange efficiency, good economic efficiency; high safety performance, reduce power failure maintenance time, production Low efficiency.

Nuclear submarine

Russia in the construction of titanium alloy nuclear submarine technology in a leading position in the world, but also the first titanium alloy with the construction of pressure-resistant countries. From the 1960s onwards, the Russian nuclear submarine has developed four generations, the world's first K162 full titanium nuclear submarine in December 1968 launched, has been running for 30 years, to the ocean and sea, with a different load and Environmental assessment, never appeared any accident. Russia in 1970 to build the first "ALFA" class nuclear submarine, 70 to 80 years and have made six, each with titanium about 3000t, the maximum dive depth of 914m, that is light and fast, good mobility. Titanium used in the ship is a typical example of the Russian typhoon class nuclear submarine, it has a titanium-made shell, due to military needs, the use of double-shell structure, the double-layer shell sharing titanium 9000t, so that it has a non-magnetic, Fast speed, low noise, less maintenance and other advantages.

The manned deep-sea submarine shell made by the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) was manufactured by ELITi-64. This new submarine ball diameter of 2.1 meters, the larger work space, can accommodate 3 people, the maximum working depth in the sea up to 6500 meters.

Deep sea space station

Deep sea mobile space station will be mainly used for marine science exploration, has been hailed as the ocean "Temple One". From the 1960s onwards, the United States and the former Soviet Union have gradually improved the deep sea space station system. In 2000, Russia announced its own deep-sea space station civil construction, its targeted is very simple, mainly for the Arctic Ocean oil extraction. In the 1990s, China proposed the concept of deep sea space station, aimed at the peaceful development and utilization of marine resources. Has been completed in the deep sea space station test boats and is building a small deep-sea mobile workstations are China's independent research and development. The establishment of the deep sea space station are inseparable from the titanium and titanium alloy key material support. In the "thirteen five" national science and technology innovation planning, once again put forward the "scientific and technological innovation 2030 major project" deep sea space station, and clear project. The main building materials for the space station for the titanium alloy, the initial calculation of a master station construction will consume more than 4,000 tons of wool.

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