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Lightweight Titanium Alloy Wheel Bolts And Invincible Special Edition Rim Screws
Mar 01, 2017

With the popularity of cars, modified market is also booming, more and more car enthusiasts can not help but think about how to make cars more personalized.

Changing the bolt is not just about replacing the old bolt. Car modification, such as the transfer of the same sister, the primary care sister by the value of Yan, more gold, high section of the mouth of the sister by the connotation of the conversation, or the world which will have so many "strong lazy no fruit" it. Modified car cool appearance can earn enough to keep returning, but the details of the performance brought about by the modification and driving experience more "sultry".

The thousands of bolts all over the car seemingly unobtrusive, but known as the "industrial rice", the United States, "The New York Times" had the bolt as one of the most important inventions of the past millennium. Obscure bolts on the performance of the car and driving control feel the decisive role, and the ultimate excellent bolt, not only its mechanical strength, fatigue, corrosion resistance to achieve the standard, light enough

"Automotive lightweight" has become the trend of the development of the world's automobile, the test shows that if the vehicle weight reduction of 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% -8%; car preparation quality for each reduction of 100 kg, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced 0.3- 0.6 liters, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 5 grams / km; car weight reduction of 1%, fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7%. In particular, the weight of the vehicle, especially the reed quality, can significantly improve the shock absorption efficiency, improve the grip, reduce the inertia to enhance the handling, the acceleration performance will be improved, the braking distance will be reduced. Can be said to be a "light" set heaven and earth.

Wheel bolts as the most detailed and most important parts of the car, in ensuring the strength and toughness of the premise, of course, the lighter the better. The headquarters and production base is located in Beijing. The titanium alloy hub bolts are reduced by more than 45% and the strength is more than 125% %; Is the industry's first full target to achieve even more than 8.8,9.8 and 10.9 standard titanium alloy car hub bolts.

It is "titanium" can be sultry, but not all titanium alloy can be used as the hub of the original material, because the hub bolts bear high shear, large load, and long-term fretting wear, but also requires its "toughness." Toughness indicates the ability of the material to absorb energy during shaping deformation and fracture. The better the toughness, the less likely the brittle fracture occurs, and the higher the safety. In general, the higher the strength of the same material, the lower the toughness, and vice versa. Such as the current market of a C4 titanium alloy, although its high strength, but the lower toughness of its prone to brittle fracture. Thanks to the in-depth study and mastery of the application of materials science, with the well-known aviation enterprises to develop a dedicated titanium alloy materials, both strength and toughness indicators are more than the traditional steel Bolts and common titanium alloy bolts.

Ultra light (ultra-light), ultra solid (more reliable): directed at the core of the product concept, improve the tightening safety factor, but also showing a clear and comfortable light road feedback, enhance driving experience. Some well-known car manufacturers such as Ferrari has begun in some models on the application of titanium alloy wheel bolts, did not expect a hub bolt is "lifted" attribute full.