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Shaanxi Province, Involving Deep Processing Of Titanium And Other 26 Items
Mar 01, 2017

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce recently released "Midwest region of foreign investment advantage industry directory (revised in 2017)", Shaanxi Province, involving deep processing of titanium, intelligent manufacturing and systems integration services 26.

It is understood that Shaanxi Province involved in the 26 include: returning farmland to forest and grass and other national key ecological project follow-up industry development, blast furnace gas energy recovery turbine design and manufacturing, integrated circuit and production equipment R & D and production, smart phones, tablet PCs and other intelligence Terminal products and key components of the technology development and production, car filling stations, charging facilities construction and operation, road passenger transport companies, tourist attractions (points) protection, development and management and supporting facilities such as construction.

Reporters learned that "the central and western regions of foreign investment advantages industry directory (revised in 2017)" since March 20, 2021 from the implementation. In accordance with the relevant provisions, belong to this category of foreign investment projects, to enjoy preferential policies for foreign investment projects. Foreign-invested projects under construction in accordance with this catalog may be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies in this catalog.