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The Superiority Of Titanium Artificial Bone In Medical Treatment
Apr 08, 2017

Artificial bone is made of artificial material for human bone substitute or fracture fixation material.

It is common for autologous bone grafts to treat bone defects, but the origin is limited and can lead to complications of bone supply, increase the operation time, increase the blood loss, etc .; allogeneic Bone has some superior characteristics of autogenous bone, but there is immune rejection, and there is the possibility of infection; artificial bone with autologous bone similar to the medical effect, including artificial bone and bone repair materials, two categories of products, the use of a lot of materials Species:

Titanium bone in the bone injury, with titanium and titanium screws fixed, a few months, the bone will be long on the titanium and screw thread. The new muscle on the package in the titanium, this "titanium bone" as the real bones, and even can be made of titanium artificial bone instead of bone treatment of fractures. Titanium corrosion resistance, high stability, and long-term contact with people does not affect its nature, will not cause human allergies.

Bioceramic bone is the main component of human bones and teeth in the main components are very close, can be divided into two categories, namely biodegradable ceramic materials and bioactive ceramic materials.

Nano bone in thousands of cases suffering from cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, bone defects and other patients after the use of patients, no case of adverse reactions caused by the material, generally seven or eight months, the patient can be completely cured, not left in the body foreign body. In recent years, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, artificial bone / bone and joint transplantation has become second only to the blood transfusion of the second largest routine surgery, especially in orthopedic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and other cases for the most. The nano-hydroxyapatite / collagen composite materials, bioceramic materials as the main raw material made of artificial bone or bone repair materials, in foreign countries has accounted for 70% of the artificial bone material market.

3D simulation of artificial bone marrow American scientists not only developed hydroxyapatite / tricalcium phosphate artificial porous bone material and added BMP (bone polyprotein) and other new biological raw materials, so that artificial bone implanted in the body can be faster and muscle Organization integration, recently also developed 3D artificial bone marrow and other high-tech orthopedic supplies. The artificial bone marrow in the implantation of the body after the same energy to continue to produce red blood cells or white blood cells and other important cells, the industry has been known as artificial bone development milestone achievements.