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Titanium And Titanium Alloy Academic Exchange Was Held In Xi'an
Nov 19, 2016

On the eve of the ancient capital of Xi'an, spring, flowers, organized by the China Nonferrous Metals Society, Northwestern Polytechnic University hosted the sixteenth session of the National Titanium and Titanium Seminar on April 24 to 27 held here. The theme of this conference is "Innovation, Development and Application", which has made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the latest progress, research hotspots and development priorities of titanium science and technology in recent years in China. Titanium metallurgy, materials and manufacturing Processing, and aerospace, marine engineering, petrochemical, biomedical applications, such as more than 400 experts and scholars attended the meeting.

Counselor of the State Council, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association President Chen Quansun attended the meeting and delivered a speech. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association vice president and secretary-general, China Nonferrous Metals Society executive vice president Jia Mingxing, Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Chunxiao, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Lian, vice president of Northwestern Polytechnical University Zhang Weihong attended the meeting.

Since the successful holding of the titanium and titanium alloy academic conference in 1973, Mr. Chen has successfully held fifteen sessions successively in Guangzhou, Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and other places. He has developed into a titanium industry in China The titanium field of production and research with an important platform for the exchange of titanium and titanium in order to improve the level of scientific research and promote the development of titanium industry has made a positive contribution.

He pointed out that China's titanium industry there are three prominent issues. First, excess capacity, resulting in imbalance between supply and demand; Second, competition disorder, leading to price declines; Third, short-board prominent, resulting in low efficiency. Therefore, the next period of time, the healthy development of titanium industry, one is to adhere to the innovation lead, focus on short-board; second is to speed up structural adjustment, focus on capacity; three is to expand market applications, efforts to expand space; Adhere to self-discipline and autonomy, and strive to win-win situation.

Chen said the whole training, adjusting the structure, make up the board, extension applications, and we are closely related. How to market-oriented, tracking the world's cutting-edge technology, research and development of independent intellectual property rights achievements, the development of high-performance titanium alloy materials, the development of low-cost manufacturing technology to promote the integration of production and research, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to enhance China's titanium materials , Is placed in front of everyone an important issue, but also the times given to our history to play. In this, sincerely hope that academicians, experts, scholars, in carrying out academic research, promote the process of industrial innovation and development, play a greater role in building the world Titanium power to make greater contributions.

During the meeting, held by the China Nonferrous Metals Society set up the "China Titanium Technology Lifetime Achievement Award" award ceremony. Cao Chunxiao academician, academician Zhou Lian won the award, Chen Quanxun issued certificates for the two academicians.

Academician Cao Chunxiao and Academician Zhou Lian are well-known experts in the fields of titanium and titanium alloys, and have made prominent contributions to the research, application technology and industrial development of titanium and titanium alloys in China.

Titanium and titanium alloy is the core material of high-tech field, it is an important supporting material for modern national defense construction. The application research of titanium alloy in aerospace lead the progress and development of titanium science and technology. This conference invited 14 experts and scholars from China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (725), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Metal Research Institute, Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and Baoji Titanium Group to make relevant reports.

The meeting also held a titanium aerospace applications forum, invited the first aircraft in the aircraft industry design and Research Institute, China Aviation Industry Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute, Institute of Aviation Industry 608, China Aerospace Research Institute 703, 625 Institute of Aviation Industry and other units The present situation, existing problems and requirements of titanium and titanium alloy in aviation and aerospace fields are discussed in depth. The suggestions are put forward to promote the research and development of titanium and titanium alloy and the multi-cooperation of production and research.