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Titanium Anode
Apr 12, 2017

The titanium anode is the anode in the titanium-based metal oxide coating. According to its surface catalytic coating with different oxygen function, chlorine function. In general, the electrode material has good electrical conductivity, small pitch change, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processing performance, long life, low cost and good electrocatalytic performance for electrode reaction. At present, titanium is the most able to meet the above Comprehensive requirements of the metal, the general use of industrial pure titanium Gr1 \ Gr2.

Titanium anode metal oxide coating role is: low resistivity, with good conductivity (titanium itself, poor conductivity), precious metal coating chemical composition is stable, stable crystal structure, electrode size stability, corrosion resistance Good, long life, with good electrocatalytic performance, is conducive to reducing oxygen, chlorine reaction over-potential, saving energy.