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Titanium Applications: Popular Lightweight Materials - Titanium Frames
Mar 01, 2017

Glasses with titanium, the current use of pure titanium, Ti-Ni alloy and β titanium alloy, the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, superelasticity, do not change color, welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

The world's first titanium spectacle frame, by the Japan Optical Industry Company to overcome the difficulties of titanium processing, from 1981 to the titanium glasses "TitexA" and "TitexB" name of the sale of titanium in the use of "TitexA" To solve the drawing, stamping die damage, as well as the surface finish of the problem, for the cutting of the best processing surface of the cutting conditions.

In the surface processing, focus on solving abrasives, polishing rollers, processing machinery, processing conditions. Titanium brazing the biggest obstacle in the development of new titanium solder has also made a breakthrough. In the surface treatment, with the previous material (zinc white copper, nickel alloy, stainless steel, etc.) on the wet plating of precious metals, there are many difficulties in the treatment of titanium, so the method of ion plating. With nitriding can be golden yellow, with chromium nitride can be silver-white. In addition, these nitrides are superhard materials, giving the surface a good abrasion resistance. In addition, can also be used to obtain brown paint spray method.

TitexA samples weigh about 16g, TitexB is made of titanium as a core material, coated with corrosion-resistant metal on the surface, TitexB sample weight of about 17g, compared with the previous use of materials, about 30% reduction. 1982 by Malmaoptical company sales of titanium frame Marman "fitanos", there are two styles, the frame weighs about 13g.

Frame classification

Pure titanium: frame in addition to screws and plastic foot cover, the metal part of all made of titanium material.

Nickel package titanium: frame for the titanium material, the surface using nickel-clad material, and now this frame has ceased to exist.

Assembling Titanium: Due to the high cost of producing nickel packs and the need to update the equipment, the assembled titanium frames should be in place before being renewed. However, this product is dangerous because each metal has a different melting point. It will be very fragile to combine them together. Early nickel package titanium frame through the flat angle, the distribution of its frame can not be the same as the original factory production, so after use, nickel and titanium coated layer that will be broken and no way to repair welding, Including the assembly of titanium also have such a situation.

Ni-plated titanium: In order to reduce costs, so that production is more convenient, but also the factory developed with titanium metal plating nickel metal. So that the traditional welding technology can be used.

In order to prevent bad traders to titanium alloy rack as a pure titanium frame, consumers can refer to the following description to identify. Titanium frames, according to the type of titanium use parts, respectively, with abbreviations in the form of engraved on the frame, usually in the mirror feet, as long as careful attention, it is easy to distinguish.

In general, pure titanium frames are marked with 100% TITANIUM or PURETITANIUM on a mirror or lens; Beta Titanium is marked with BetaTitanium or beta Titanium, and the manufacturer is slightly different in terms of writing.

Due to customer demand, there are pure titanium frame, Beta titanium frame and semi-titanium frame, semi-titanium frame is divided into titanium alloy frame, such as memory titanium, bio-titanium; titanium alloy, namely: pure titanium or titanium Metal combination frame, such as pure titanium for the mirror legs, metal for the frame, β titanium for the frame, metal for the mirror legs, etc .; titanium combination, namely: titanium or titanium titanium or sheet material TR , Such as pure titanium for mirror legs, plate for the frame, β titanium for the frame, TR for the mirror legs and so on.

Titanium frame of various glasses in the early 90s of last century in the development of foreign mature and began mass production, before 1998, titanium frames have occupied more than 60% of the Japanese market. Titanium frames are in the high-end consumer goods, in recent years with the improvement of our people's living standards, the domestic demand for titanium frames rapidly expanding, the domestic also appeared in a number of titanium frames manufacturer.

Belgium has the first customizable 3D-printed titanium glasses

Belgian designer and optician Patrick Hoet and his team worked with native 3D printing company Melotte to design and develop the first customizable 3D printable titanium metal eye. Hoet and Melotte provide two solutions. Partially customized glasses can be delivered within one week after placing an order. Customers can also choose a fully personalized solution: tailor-made glasses by Melotte through 3D print technology based on customer's personal facial features. All glasses can be stamped with the name of the customer.