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Titanium Delicious Life
Oct 25, 2017

Man from the ape to eat food production of food containers, the interpretation of the continuous evolution of food culture. People to food for the day, highlight the important food, fresh food to fresh, fresh food for the United States. Fish, sheep two words into a "fresh" word, indicating that human food culture in the focus on food flavor and fresh.

Fresh food, both the food itself is delicious, but also the effectiveness of preservation of containers. So, human development in the process of looking for kitchen utensils, tableware, tea material innovation. Pottery, bronze, iron, aluminum, stainless steel utensils, etc. are alternately in the human "eat" role. With the material life of the rich, scientific and technological progress, people on the "health + fresh" utensils material selection more and more attention. So, in the thousands of selection, titanium this "biological metal" gradually by virtue of its non-toxic and tasteless corrosion-resistant and other benefits of human health characteristics into the people's attention.

Recently, in the development of kitchen utensils, tableware has always attached importance to food culture, health concept of Guangzhou Bo Friends of Titanium Co., Ltd. launched a eye-catching "titanium fresh cup", so that the pursuit of delicious diet people have to keep "delicious" taste possibility. The use of titanium is different from other materials, the characteristics of the development of titanium fresh cups, insulation cups and other containers, not only to ensure that the food storage of fresh, but also to protect the Consumer's stomach, food health, with the rest assured, advocated the "delicious" concept of healthy living.

Huang Changde, chairman of the reporter, said: "Bo Friends of titanium, is the attitude of the family." This attitude is in the health and beauty, delicious taste, exquisite kitchenware to enjoy the profound Chinese food culture, enjoy the harmony of home.

So, why titanium fresh cups will have the special effect of food preservation it?

Because the properties of titanium have been recognized as healthy non-toxic elements, the human autonomic nerve and taste nerves have no effect. And titanium acid corrosion, and the human body has a good compatibility, is widely used in medical and human implantation areas, such as the skull, spine, patella and so on. Titanium is also known as the space metal, marine metal, bio-metal. In fact, the results of titanium research out of the laboratory and transformed into productivity only five or six years time, the body has excellent performance has been gradually developed, recognized and applied.

Scientific research found that titanium also has photocatalytic effect, that is, nano-titanium dioxide coated on the substrate surface, under the action of ultraviolet light, will have a strong catalytic degradation, can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air and effective kill Off a variety of bacteria, bacteria or fungi release of toxins decomposition, but also with the addition of formaldehyde, deodorant, anti-fouling, air purification and other functions. Titanium benefits of human many of the efficacy is still being developed.

According to Huang Changde introduction, Bo Friends of titanium with titanium production of "titanium fresh cup" fresh performance is reflected in the excellent non-toxic and anti-corrosion. In the presence of soy milk, dairy products, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juice, stew, Chinese medicine, desserts and other hot and cold drinks and so on, will not occur with the liner adverse reactions, no harmful heavy metal elements dissolved, Keep the drink fresh, authentic, safe and healthy. At the same time, "titanium fresh cup" through the company's own research and development of HMF welding technology and electrolytic wall polishing process, to have a stronger stability and maintain health and health, to ensure that the cup seal and the use of performance requirements, effectively avoid Dirt and bacterial adhesion. At present, these two technologies are at the international advanced level, and has successfully applied for a patent.

With the introduction of titanium fresh cup, titanium fresh food conducive to healthy fresh, excellent, beautiful, cool and so on the excellent performance of fragrance will be and the end of the dish to the table culture. Titanium made with titanium kitchen utensils, titanium utensils, titanium tea will fly into the homes of ordinary people, open the era of titanium health.