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Titanium Industry Development Prospects
May 06, 2017

The development of titanium industry is closely related to the global economic well-being. It has experienced three prosperous periods and three depressions. The three boom periods began in the period of economic prosperity, and the three depressions began with the trough of the global economy. Strong cyclical, mainly because of the important downstream applications of titanium and more reflected in the strong cyclical industry. With the global economic recovery, the demand for high-strength and lightweight materials in different industries is increasing, and the demand for titanium products will increase. The growth in the fields of electricity, medical, chemical and aerospace will lead the development of titanium industry. Create more demand. Global titanium industry is expected in 2015-2020 compound annual growth rate will reach 3%.

Driven by major national projects, China's titanium industry is still an upward trend

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, on the one hand, with the domestic large-scale transport transport 20 of the official list, ARJ21 and C919 industrialization and localization of China's aviation industry and engine manufacturing into the fast lane, in addition to Boeing and Airbus aircraft A large number of structural parts began to be made by the larger domestic manufacturers of aviation, China's aviation industry by leaps and bounds will lead to high-end demand for titanium products continued to grow; the other hand, manned, unmanned submarine to achieve industrialization, Driven deep-sea oil and gas exploration, resource development, marine equipment manufacturing, naval equipment and other emerging industries to flourish, will further promote the application of titanium products.

Emerging countries began to actively develop titanium industry

South Korea's Ministry of Industry in January 2016 proposed the "titanium industry cultivation policy", relying on Pohang Iron and Steel in Gyeongsangbuk-do construction of South Korea's titanium industry base, focusing on aviation, medical parts of the localization, vigorously develop titanium materials, 2021 Become the world's fifth largest titanium industry power. Australia, India and Vietnam and other countries have also developed a titanium industry's national development plan, and guide the development of China's titanium industry. Is expected to be the future of the world titanium industry will have an impact.