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Titanium Slag, Titanium Sponge Influenced By The Cost, Substantial Increasing Rised In Domestic
Mar 18, 2017

Titanium ore raw material prices, domestic titanium slag, titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge by the cost of a substantial increase in the rise. In the short term, the current titanium raw materials and titanium prices will continue to rise, which means that the raw material costs of titanium sponge will rise, the future price of titanium sponge is still up. But because there is no fundamental improvement in demand, sponge titanium enterprises if the increase in production, is likely to lead to market supply and demand gradually imbalance. In the long run, sponge titanium market trend depends on the titanium dioxide market "face". If the titanium dioxide market performance is hot, titanium raw material prices will continue to hit a new high and promote the price of sponge titanium; and once the titanium dioxide market cooling, titanium raw material prices or collapse, sponge titanium prices can remain strong will doubt.

Titanium dioxide prices continue to rise in the tide, and a more concern for the industry is that this year's titanium dioxide prices can continue to maintain high? In this regard, information titanium dioxide analyst in the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that since last year, the price of titanium dioxide has been higher. From the data point of view, the annual average price of titanium dioxide in 2016 per ton at 14850 yuan, the current average price per ton in 17,000 yuan, up by 14% rate. In the business community chemical division analyst Yang Xun view, because the fundamentals did not change significantly, this year's price of titanium dioxide or will continue to run at high levels. In addition, since 2016 years later, titanium dioxide industry, the right to speak gradually shift to China's trend. The original is Kemu, Koster and other foreign giants to master the pricing, and now the "price tide" is more by the Chinese enterprises to pull the first. "Titanium dioxide prices, with the rapid growth of domestic exports can not be inseparable, exports in 2016 than in previous years to enhance a lot." And since the beginning of last year, the state of real estate, automobile and other industries to adopt a relatively loose policy, The downstream demand for titanium dioxide is also an important reason for the continued price increase of titanium dioxide.

After the Spring Festival, the domestic supply of titanium tends to be tense, the price is all the way up. With the titanium dioxide industry's hot, more and more titanium ore flow to the titanium dioxide industry, titanium slag plant had to raise the purchase price to buy titanium, resulting in a substantial increase in production costs. According to our understanding of the data show that the current price of titanium ore has been higher than before the Spring Festival rose 300 yuan to 400 yuan / ton. Although this increase is larger, but the corporate profit margins did not increase. Chloride slag market demand is still limited, but the downstream business can only passively accepted. Sugar market demand is better, but little change in corporate profit margins. While the short term titanium ore prices will remain in the rising channel, the future price of titanium slag still room for price increases.

Liaoning province and the other regions will soon usher in a round of environmental inspectors. Affected by the region of titanium tetrachloride enterprises will cut production, and sponge titanium enterprises will also be due to lack of supply of raw materials lead to lower production. According to Liaoning enterprises revealed that the current part of Liaoning has been launched environmental self-examination. Affected by this, some titanium tetrachloride production has been reduced. And when the Environmental Inspectorate formally arrived, it is expected that most of the titanium tetrachloride enterprises will face a shutdown, resulting in a serious shortage of titanium tetrachloride supply situation. At present, local enterprises are generally bullish on titanium tetrachloride, and environmental protection inspectors brought about by the impact of production will last long to be observed. A number of sponge titanium enterprises agreed that the future price of titanium tetrachloride will be with the arrival of environmental protection and the increase. If the cut wave is too large, will lead to money is also difficult to buy the spot situation.

At present, some titanium sponge enterprises will offer up to 6.2 million / ton, compared with the previous rose 4,000 yuan / ton, the largest increase this year, which also means that after a lapse of more than a year, the sponge titanium market will once again return to 6 Million times the era. The main reason for the sharp rise in titanium sponge prices is rising costs. Since the Spring Festival this year, the production of titanium sponge titanium main raw materials, magnesium ingot cost of about 2,000 yuan / ton, titanium raw material costs rose close to 2,000 yuan / ton. Integrated down, sponge titanium raw material costs alone increased by 4,000 yuan / ton, from this point of view, sponge titanium prices exceeded 60,000 yuan / ton is also reasonable. From the demand side, the current performance of the civilian titanium market is stable, titanium enterprises still need to strictly control the cost, relying on low prices to win customers, sometimes one thousand yuan difference can determine the success or failure of an order. Therefore, the titanium enterprises on the sponge titanium cost changes will be very sensitive.