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  • Molybdenum Target X-ray

    Molybdenum Target X-raymolybdenum target x-ray Advantages Low Thermal Expansion Heat-Resistant Ablate-Resistant Excellent Thermal Electrical Conductivity Low Wear High Contour Sharpness Good Machinability Titanium series Tungsten series Ammonium Tungstates, Powder, Bar, Slab, Wire, Sheet, Rod, Plate, electrode,...Read More

  • Molybdenum Wafer wafer substrates disc For Semiconductor

    Molybdenum Wafer wafer substrates disc For Semiconductor

    1.Molybdenum Wafer for semiconductor Molybdenum discs Thickness: 0.1 mm ≥ 7.0 mm Diameter: 2.5 mm ≥ 150,0 mm Rectangular molybdenum Thickness: 0.1 mm ≥ 5,0 mm

    2.Long side: 1.0 mm ≥ 70.0 mm Short side: 0.2 mm ≥ 10.0 mm Applications W/Mo-Cu wafer in LED lighting Arcing contacts and vaccum contacts in...

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  • 99.95% Purity Polished Molybdenum Rods

    99.95% Purity Polished Molybdenum Rods

    1.PRODUCT FEATURE Molybdenum rod has a high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties.

    2.At high temperature, can be anti-oxidation, high strength. PRODUCTION PROCESSING Molding, sintering, drape forging, machining PRODUCT CLASSIFY Pure molybdenum rod: molybdenum...

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  • Grade 12 Titanium Wire/titanium tig wire/titanium wire glasses frames/titanium molybdenum alloy wire/titanium grade 12 rods/3d printing titanium alloy

    Grade 12 Titanium Wire/titanium tig wire/titanium wire glasses frames/titanium molybdenum alloy wire/titanium grade 12 rods/3d printing titanium alloyEastsun Titanium is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of grade 12 titanium wire. Our company has a professional factory from which you can wholesale grade 12 titanium wire products.  Titanium grade 12 (ERTi-12) is an intermediate strength grade of titanium orginally...Read More

  • 99.95% Purity Molybdenum Plate sheets  piercing mandrel

    99.95% Purity Molybdenum Plate sheets piercing mandrel

    1.99.95% polished molybdenum plate for sale MATERIAL: Mo Purity:Mo>=99.95% SPECIFICATION FEATURE High special strenghth,high melt point,excellent corrosive resistance,good thermal resistance.

    2.SURFACE Surface conditon of High purity 99.95% pure molybdenum plate can be supplied in a shiny,bright,...

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  • Molybdenum Evaporation Boat

    Molybdenum Evaporation Boat

    1.Thermal evaporation boat 99.95% pure high temperature molybdenum boat for sale *Molybdenum is similar to Tungsten,with melting point of 2620 ℃(4753℉),a little lower than tungsten.

    2.The elongation ability is better than Tungsten,and it is easier to make the thin wires and thin foils. *It has the...

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  • Molybdenum Crucibles

    Molybdenum CruciblesOur company specialize in various crucibles,such as round mouth crucible, taper crucible, ellipse crucible and bottomless crucible. It can be produced according to the customers'drawing. SIZE Dia10 - 650mm APPLICATION Rare earth melting industry containers, vacuum coating industry ,...Read More

  • Molybdenum round disc/targets plate

    Molybdenum round disc/targets plate

    1. Grade : MO1.MO2,TZM

    2. Purity :> =99.95%

    3. Characteristic: Melting Point: 2610°C Boiling Point:5560°C Density: 10.2g/cm3 High quality, workability

    4. Certificate : ISO9001

    5. Product Feature : High melting point, High-density, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life,...

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  • Molybdenum /mo Wire

    Molybdenum /mo WireFeatures • High melting point, Low density and Thermal coefficients • Good thermal conductivity properties and Resistance of high-temperature • High tensile strength and Low elongation • Good stability and High precision of cutting • High speed and Long stable time of processing • Long lifetime...Read More

  • Molybdenum Tube

    Molybdenum Tube

    DIMENSION CHARACTERISTICS m furnace *high melting point, high-strength, *outstanding thermal conductivity, *excellent resistance to thermal impact and corrosion APPLICATION

    1. Molybdenum Tube are widely used as the contact materials in silicon controlled rectifier diodes, transistors and...

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