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  • Grade 12 Titanium Wire/titanium tig wire/titanium wire glasses frames/titanium molybdenum alloy wire/titanium grade 12 rods/3d printing titanium alloy

    Grade 12 Titanium Wire/titanium tig wire/titanium wire glasses frames/titanium molybdenum alloy wire/titanium grade 12 rods/3d printing titanium alloyEastsun Titanium is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of grade 12 titanium wire. Our company has a professional factory from which you can wholesale grade 12 titanium wire products.  Titanium grade 12 (ERTi-12) is an intermediate strength grade of titanium orginally...Read More

  • Molybdenum round disc/targets plate

    Molybdenum round disc/targets plate

    1. Grade : MO1.MO2,TZM

    2. Purity :> =99.95%

    3. Characteristic: Melting Point: 2610°C Boiling Point:5560°C Density: 10.2g/cm3 High quality, workability

    4. Certificate : ISO9001

    5. Product Feature : High melting point, High-density, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life,...

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  • Molybdenum Evaporation Boat

    Molybdenum Evaporation Boat

    1.Thermal evaporation boat 99.95% pure high temperature molybdenum boat for sale *Molybdenum is similar to Tungsten,with melting point of 2620 ℃(4753℉),a little lower than tungsten.

    2.The elongation ability is better than Tungsten,and it is easier to make the thin wires and thin foils. *It has the...

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  • 99.95% Purity Molybdenum Plate sheets  piercing mandrel

    99.95% Purity Molybdenum Plate sheets piercing mandrel

    1.99.95% polished molybdenum plate for sale MATERIAL: Mo Purity:Mo>=99.95% SPECIFICATION FEATURE High special strenghth,high melt point,excellent corrosive resistance,good thermal resistance.

    2.SURFACE Surface conditon of High purity 99.95% pure molybdenum plate can be supplied in a shiny,bright,...

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  • Molybdenum Tube

    Molybdenum Tube

    DIMENSION CHARACTERISTICS m furnace *high melting point, high-strength, *outstanding thermal conductivity, *excellent resistance to thermal impact and corrosion APPLICATION

    1. Molybdenum Tube are widely used as the contact materials in silicon controlled rectifier diodes, transistors and...

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  • Molybdenum /mo Wire

    Molybdenum /mo WireFeatures • High melting point, Low density and Thermal coefficients • Good thermal conductivity properties and Resistance of high-temperature • High tensile strength and Low elongation • Good stability and High precision of cutting • High speed and Long stable time of processing • Long lifetime...Read More

  • Molybdenum Target X-ray

    Molybdenum Target X-raymolybdenum target x-ray Advantages Low Thermal Expansion Heat-Resistant Ablate-Resistant Excellent Thermal Electrical Conductivity Low Wear High Contour Sharpness Good Machinability Titanium series Tungsten series Ammonium Tungstates, Powder, Bar, Slab, Wire, Sheet, Rod, Plate, electrode,...Read More

  • Molybdenum Crucibles

    Molybdenum CruciblesOur company specialize in various crucibles,such as round mouth crucible, taper crucible, ellipse crucible and bottomless crucible. It can be produced according to the customers'drawing. SIZE Dia10 - 650mm APPLICATION Rare earth melting industry containers, vacuum coating industry ,...Read More

  • Titanium And Zirconium Discs Supplier From China

    Titanium And Zirconium Discs Supplier From China

    EST company is one of the best titanium discs and zirconium discs suppliers from China.

    1.We manufacturer batches of zirconium discs and titanium discs which are mirror polished.

    2.These metal discs are being manufactured in China and are being supplied to our valued global customers;We are proudly...

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  • 99.95% Purity Polished Molybdenum Rods

    99.95% Purity Polished Molybdenum Rods

    1.PRODUCT FEATURE Molybdenum rod has a high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties.

    2.At high temperature, can be anti-oxidation, high strength. PRODUCTION PROCESSING Molding, sintering, drape forging, machining PRODUCT CLASSIFY Pure molybdenum rod: molybdenum...

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